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Production Management

Ultimately ... the Success of Any Event is Dependant on the Quality of the Production Management

Leaving just one tiny detail of your production planning to chance can inevitably lead to the entire event being marred by problems, therefore it is essential to ensure that nothing is overlooked or ignored.

It is comforting to know that Centre Stage Productions Limited has dedicated experts you can call upon to provide full technical, site, safety and production management advice and services whenever you feel in need of specialist help, thus removing any doubt or worries that might damage your event.

By drawing on our combined experience of 50-years in the live entertainment industry ... there are very few production problems we have not encountered and overcome at some stage in our history. During this time we have overcome every conceivable production glitch by providing our clients with cost-effective production management solutions. We provide dedicated services to a diverse range of clients and have provided advice and technical assistance to organisers of events of every size from those aimed at a small audience to those catering for 60,000 attendees.

Centre Stage also specialise in providing comprehensive production management services to clients organising small scale events in non-theatrical venues. These might include project managing events as educational projects, workshops, meetings and seminars for local authorities, charities, non-profit making organisations and corporate clients.