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Fencing & Barriers Hire for London & the UK


All events rely on artists, weather, audience and atmosphere.  But without fencing and barriers the greatest day out may quickly turn into calamity. Apart from designating the site edges, fencing and barriers are used for a variety of applications to ultimately restrict and control movement of the audience around the site.

Barrier systems fall into the following categories:

Front Stage Barriers:

Sometimes referred to as: “Mojo Barrier”, these front of stage barriers are designed to be strong and durable against any force, thus protecting the audience from falling if pushed from behind e.g. when an artist appears on stage or walks forward during a performance.  Used in front of the stage the FSB or Mojo has a high step attached at the rear to provide a secure base for security personnel to reach, lift and carry any member of an audience in need of assistance.

Pedestrian Barriers - Lightweight:

Our Free standing/ Stand-alone Pedestrian Barriers are 2.3mtrs long by 1.1mtrs high and are most commonly used to create walkways to and from designated areas e.g. bar, food stalls, toilets, seating. In addition these barriers can also be erected in areas designated to staff only, thereby restricted access and no entry areas are secured.

Pedestrian Barriers – Heavy Duty:

These barriers are 1.5m long by 1.1mtr high and are best suited for demonstrations; football matches; pop concerts or wherever higher security is needed. 

Heras Fencing:

Heras Fencing is available in 3.5mtrs wide x 2 meters high panels. Most often used as site perimeter and rear of stage barriers where a low level barrier might easily be jumped over.

Trussing Systems:

Centre Stage uses of Milos  aluminium trussing systems which is available in two styles; Trio 290 and Quad 290.  BOTH trussing is available in 0.5mtr, 1mtr, 2mtr and 3mtr lengths. We also stock corner sections with the ability to junction from 2 ways to 6 ways.

Trio standard 290 is a triangle profile truss with a strong strength to weight ratio. The main tube of 50mm in diameter, accepts most fittings from across the entertainment and display industry. Complex structures can be made with ease and the system is suitable for all types of installation, from exhibition stands and shops, to clubs and bars and concerts.

If you are making large structures Centre Stage recommends the Quad 290 trussing system. The finished structure can support heavier weights  then the Trio and span longer distances. Whichever trussing you choose it is however, important you do not exceed the rated load bearing limits. If you are unsure about any aspect of the trussing offered please contact our technical department who will be happy to assist you.

CS provides trussing suitable for stage lighting rigs, providing entrance systems with opportunities for banner advertising, and providing hanging positions for the stage PA system. 

We have supported events throughout the UK and are ideally situated to provide Fencing & Barrier hire for events within London and the whole of the UK

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